What we offer

Smarkt provides a wide variety of customized marketing services for all types of real estate projects. Our expert consultants and in-house marketers take the time to understand your objectives while providing top quality marketing designs and campaigns.



The key to any successful marketing initiative is a strong preliminary analysis. Smarkt takes the time to do a complete analysis of your needs to build a strategy that’s right for you.



Convincing your client to make the biggest purchase of their lives needs convincing marketing collateral that resonates with your target. Smarkt delivers all the pieces that help you sell more.


media placements

Having understood your target and created the material, Smarkt can take charge of communicating your message through calculated media placement to optimize views.

a clear customer journey

Smarkt understands the value of clear communication, especially with our own clients. Our recipe is direct and simple, so that our clients never get lost in the process. From the first meeting to the complete delivery, our step by step journey prepares you for a seamless Smarkt experience.



A glimpse of Smarkt and a review of the Smarkt customer journey

prerequisites of the meeting

The project must be accepted by the city
The project must have the plans & a price list


First meeting

Analysis of the project and objectives.
The first meeting is a review of the customized life journey for the client, with the goal of identifying project objectives.


The client must send their inventory of documents
Smarkt will send a form to the client with objectives and requirements along with a list of question about the project.



Status of situation and objectives.
The first meeting is about the customized life journey for the client + greater understanding of the mission and objectives and the communications on-boarding.

On Smarkt side

Research & Inspiration, intern & extern analysis, consultation with the experts, establishment of the FFOM, definition of the sales strategy,
establishment of the report


marketing strategy

In this step, Smarkt combines all the documents and creates a marketing strategy that fits the projects needs.

the unfolding

This is the step where we merge all the documents together so we can come up with a marketing strategy that is optimal to the project.



Based on the second meeting, the Smarkt team can work on implementation, copy and creation of all marketing collateral.

we do everything

Photoshoot, videography, graphics, infographics, web development, redaction, translation, media placement, social media, emails, sales office setup, communication system, stunt marketing and more.



As soon as the web development is complete, Smarkt sends an email to the client to present all the materials, publicity and website.


A round of corrections (up to two) is initiated with the client once the website and production is ready. A meeting to present the creations is organized.



The website is deployed, marketing campaigns are launched and printing is finalized.



Once all the elements are complete and campaign is active, the campaign is managed, monitored and tracked.


A retrospective is organized with Smarkt and the client to discuss optimization based on initial results.



Depending on the campaigns performance, the material and message can be adapted and fine tuned.



The Smarkt marketing initiative is complete.

Our difference

Smarkt is committed to the success of your project. Producing quality work in an efficient and affordable way is a standard we strive for at the company.

Real estate wizards

We understand the real estate market like the back of our hands.

Deep Market analysis

Each Smarkt project starts with a deep data driven investigation of the market.

strategy building specialists

Our expert strategists create the strong foundation for a successful campaign.

in house design

Our innovative design team helps make your wildest creations come true.

turn key service

We can realize your marketing objectives quickly and efficiently.

first class collaborators

Our clients become our collaborators, so your success is our success.

why us?

Smarkt is committed to the success of your project. Producing quality work in an efficient and affordable way is a standard we strive for at the company.

Meet the powerful team behind smarkt

Suzanne Morin

Financial Consultant

Philippe Delage

Marketing Strategist

Robyn Lahiji

User Experience Specialist

Carl Bouari

Lead Web Developer

Jean-Christophe Lainesse

Graphic Designer

Martin Robert

Business Development

Fantine Abadie

Project Coordinator

Thomas Difrancesco

Real Estate Spcialist

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